Sheena & Rishi W

Come now and find my face as my eyes close and my head tilts back. 

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I think she has roots in the soles of her feet

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Rishi Sheena-18.jpg

She plants herself into the earth.

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Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it.

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It's a morning race between the sunlight and i to kiss your cheek first. 

Rishi Sheena-22.jpg

Put your fingers to mine and watch the sparks dance.

Rishi Sheena-26.jpg

Am I worth the leap?

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Rishi Sheena-17.jpg

I know it will grow

Rishi Sheena-20.jpg

the fire you lit inside me,

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Rishi Sheena-140.jpg

I know I will burn

Rishi Sheena-55.jpg

Come now, baptize me in warmth.

al avellana